My Story

Hello to anyone reading this, and welcome to my new website, where I will be posting blogs on how I've improved as a photographer throughout the years, and maybe even help others on their journey to become a better photographer.

Now, on to the actual topic.

I've been passionate in taking photos for the last 4 years, ever since I got my first camera. Back then I was just someone to "take the shot" of really anything, not thinking of the story that photo could tell, or if I just used a different angle, it could change the whole scene around, and make it go from a child's art piece, to a van gogh masterpiece.

After ages of trial and error, plus hundreds of YouTube videos, I now know that a simple flower, or basically anything around you, can go from being simple, boring, and un-wanted, to being something that everyone wants, as said many times, "ones trash, is another's treasure." But in this case, a regular person may see a weed, or just a tuft of grass, but a photographer will see a glistening strip, ready to be captured to show that true beauty comes from places that you would never expect it to come from.

On this new website, I will try to post a new blog at least once or twice per week, and new photos once per day, so stay tuned, put on your bookmarks, and get ready to learn, and to experience my journey.



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